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Chinese lady swallowed by a sudden sinkhole along the pavement



Chinese lady swallowed by a sudden sinkhole along the pavement

A lady in southern China had a near disaster after falling into a sinkhole that gulped her as she was strolling along the road.

The lady had been shopping with her family in Shenzhen, Guangdong region, and was pushing her bike along the asphalt when all of a sudden the street gave way, Guangzhou Daily announced.
She began calling for help and her family waved to several men including food delivery men and a taxi man who were passing by.

“The hole was big and I couldn’t move because the bicycle was on top of me. Water was gushing out at the same time,” “I was very scared. There was a pipe below to support me, otherwise I don’t know how I would have ended up,” she said.

They found an iron post, which they brought down into the 2-meter profound opening and helped the lady to climb out.

The lady got wounds on the head and hands and was shrouded in mud following the mischance. One of the men gave her some apparel to keep her warm and she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Staff from the water expert went to the clinic to visit the lady. The expert told the daily paper the sinkhole was accepted to have been caused by a blasted pipe.

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