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Bus ride of the Ministry of Happiness and Fulfillment spotted



The bus for the Minister of Happiness and fulfillment spotted in Owerri, Imo state. The Governor of Imo state, Gov. Rochas not long ago commissioned the Ministry on Happiness and Fulfillment in the state , these has led to many slash backs from Nigerians. The bus pictures below could be see with the inscription, “Ministry of happiness and purpose fulfillments, Imo state”

The controversial governor said the ministry was invoked to help Imo sate indigenes get a purpose. Lol, he did not say that, tho. But sometime, the news media mistook the post to be “Ministry of Happiness and Couples fulfillment” but it was stated and corrected to be “Ministry of Happiness and Fulfillment”. i might interest you to know that, person in charge of the ministry is sister to Gov. Rochas

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