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Angry Chinese woman smashes ATMs because she was “in a bad mood”



Life can be so frustrating that you may want to do something out of the ordinary to relieve yourself of the anger and stress but not in this manner. Below is the story of a young lady who took upon herself to unlease her anger on innocent ATM machines,

Li, a lady in southern China was seen in a CCTV footage rushing up eight ATMs as a method for venting her dissatisfactions, news report from the Chinese local sources,  Guangxi News announced.

The 23-year-old from Luchuan province in the Guangxi locale is blamed for going on the frenzy at the night hours on December 11.Video shows a lady strolling into the ATM gallery carrying rocks and blocks.

Li, at that point looked at the the camera and waved before landing the stones on the machines. She successfully smashed of eight machines before she was ceased by police.

Li aid she was “in a bad mood” and needed to vent her outrage. She was confined by the police and accused of affray.

[youtube] The video above is not related to this story but it shows a chinese woman tearing down an ATM with her bare hands.