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Anambra State, multi-million businessman from Ozubulu shot dead in south Africa



If you can recall of the massive shooting in a catholic at Ozubulu in Anambra where unknown gunmen raided the church leaving worshipers dead.

However, social media report allegedly claim the attack was a spillover of a drug related feud, between two brothers from Ozubulu who live in South Africa. My previous report on the story reads.

Recent news from reliable source has it that Ekene Emenike, a Nigerian businessman popularly known as ‘Ogbuefi na Ozubulu’ was killed in South Africa. Ekene Emenike was reportedly a native of Ozubulu, Anambra state and was gunned down by unknown gun wielding men on the streets of South Africa.

Do you think this man had something to do with the massive church killing ?

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