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30+ photos that proves that Photoshop is sorcery



Photos have taken a different angle since the advent of photoshop.  Photos that come out of the photoshop rig are so thrilling, that you wonder if photoshop is sorcery. The guys good at it can twist your imagination by creating endless unbelievable things from a picture taken with a smartphone or the pro camera.

Below is the collection of a photoshop guru since his first photo has wowed everyone. Good a thing he is on facebook, Izzu C-zar Kizito and he is Nigerian.

His imagination and creativity is not the common type. His 3D manipulation of photos and his Doppelgänger creates a story each time.

He can decide to quake your bones to shock or leave you wandering in awe.  He is not only good at Photoshop but also good with pencils.

Kizito’s passion grew as he skills grew, as student he finds pleasure in photo-craft and mastery of the art has made him created online sensation with every photo getting more the 300 reaction and like on facebook.

See few of his photos below.