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14-year-old Nigerian invents “Blue wind fans” that runs on rechargeable battries



In Africa, some young Nigerian have made up their minds, that despite the downtrodden situation of the country, they must exercise their talent. I once shared with you two Nigerians from Anambra state that invented a electricity generator that runs without fuel.

Recently, future conscious Ukoma Michael, a youthful Nigerian who lives in imo State (a state at southern Nigeria), about14 years of age, has invented extremely handy fans which is poered by rechargeable batteries . His invention can be kept in the same category with imported appliances from anywhere in the world.  Judging by the photo, the young boy used locally sourced material such as aluminum, metal frames and cartons.

He called it the “Blue wind”, which can work from morning to night, given the batteries are all fully loaded. Blue wind is partitioned into a few model, single standing fan and flat ones that can be laid on a table. The “Blue wind” fan can be very helpful in places where the absence of power is intense, the venture is as of now serving a little in Nigeria.

Michael has a long haul desire to make an organization with some expertise in the make of fans, airplane and motor parts.