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Why the slave trade in Libya is not worth the news




The slavery in Libya is a very condemnable one as humans do not worth any value not to talk of the 300 euros those slaves were sold according to CNN. The slaves were being bundled and forced to work crudely. Some were killed as a result of their resistance to the traders.  The United Nation has reacted to the crime saying.

“I abhor these appalling acts and call upon all competent authorities to investigate these activities without delay and to bring the perpetrators to justice. I have asked the relevant United Nations actors to actively pursue this matter,” 
“Slavery has no place in our world and these actions are among the most egregious abuses of human rights and may amount to crimes against humanity. I urge the international community to unite in fighting this scourge,”
UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in statement.
Why the slave trade in Libya is not worth the news
The same words they will always put in the mainstream.
Aljazeera reported that slavery in Libya a booming after the fall of Gaddaffi.
 – Who took down Gaddaffi? Gaddaffi was killed by NTC, during the battle of the Sirte – Libyan civil war. 104 United Nations members have announced they recognise the NTC (National Transitional Council) as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people.
But it might interest you to know that the perpetrators of the slave act were Muslims which indirectly will have a connection with ISIS – Radical Islams. UN is barely fighting against ISIS over the recent year but supported the fall of Gaddaffi, this means UN is not making progress in the fight against slavery. This may cause you to call the ISIS terrorist attacks “a written movie script”.  Some say UN has not devised a strategy to combat ISIS which act as Hydra.
Why the slavery in Libya is not worth the news
The reason why i say the slave trade in Libya is not worth the news is not a personal one. The traders are organized as a military force can be. They UN has been in move to curb slave trade since it’s onset so putting up the news of the current slave trade in Libya is just repetition. Most vulnerable people fleeing their homes due unrest and economic hardship which UN said is tackling are caught in the move to cross into the European country for better lives then sold as goods by some organised and armed group which ISIS will not surprisingly be in the list of Sponsors.
According to wikipedia “Sunni Islam of Maliki school of jurisprudence is the dominant religion in Libya. Other than the overwhelming majority of Sunni Muslims, there are also small Christian communities, composed exclusively of foreigners.”
It is not a new thing that radical Islamic practice an act whereby those of not the same faith are killed for the sake of the religion. A Facebook user one shared a post on Facebook, saying that those being tortured and killed were Christians who were caught when they were to move over to Europe. Libya is the closest to Europe continent and an easy route exist that can take migrants to Europe maybe unnoticed.
Why the slave trade in Libya is not worth the news
Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Aviation Minister  has condemned the ill-treatment of Nigerians in Libya and also for Buhari, the President of Nigeria who is in Cameroon for AU-EU summit for failing to address the situation.
FFK shared a shocking photo of the burnt body of an African immigrant hanging upside down saying the man had been roasted alive and it is the fate a lot of Nigerians in Libya are subjected to. Those who are not killed are sold into slavery or overworked.
He wrote: “Roasted alive! This is what Libyans do to sub-saharan Africans who are looking for a transit point to Europe. They sell them into slavery and either murder, mutilate, torture or work them to death. All this yet not a word of condemnation from @MBuhari or other African leaders!”
Why would Buhari do something about the killing when the citizens went to Libya seeking for greener pastures, no arguments that Nigeria is not being fruitful to Nigerians – blame the president. But when you choose to leave the country Illegally and engage on a fateful mission to another country which your stay there is illegal, who is to be blamed for your fate. Those behind the slave trade may have carried out the gruesome act on those illegal migrants who made themselves prone cause they may see it as a means of protecting themselves and their religion from migrants who may settle there. But surely the act of slavery is condemnable.
In summary, Libya slavery is not new and the actions taken place there is intentional. Those being tortured fail into the wrong hands for their own self-act. So, they news outlet would rather report news that is new and not something that was looks like someone has a card up his sleeve.