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War between peace and violence



They said silence is cowardice,
They said peaceful approach is for the weak,
They said violence solves it all,
They said one has to die for a point to be proven.
The elders warned them,
“We fought the last war,
It wasn’t pleasant,
It shouldn’t happen again”
But the youths replied,
“Our blood is hot,
Our eyes have vein,
We’re better than you were,
We’ll kill, We’ll fight”.
Ok! no problem.
Days became weeks,
Weeks became months,
Months became years.
Now I’m the peaceful one,
Looking at the bones of those,
Whose blood were hot,
Those whose veins have plucked their eyeballs.
Lots of lives wasted,
Lots of properties damaged,
Money we could have used to build good roads,
We used to buy guns.
Ok! What did we gain?
Nothing, just nothing,
There are causes to die for,
But not the one built on hatred.
I know I may seem a coward,
I know I may sound foolish,
But this patient dog is alive,
And where there is life,
There’s hope.

Written by Favour ogechi Ofegbu

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