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Hamza had gone to visit Kunle who took a pair of shoe from him few weeks ago. The need to get the package from Kunle was borne out of his plans to head back to campus the next morning.
The whole street was too dark. That is what he would refer to a “blackout” to his siblings, had they been there with him. The electricity company had refused to show their street a little love. Hence, that night was dark and noisy because, some people made use of their power generating set. He had to be meticulous now not to step into the marshes around his street.

Nothing fascinated Hamza that night but the stars that decorated the scarlet sky which shone brightly on the dark night. The moon seemed to have gone for a recess that particular night. Hamza felt something was not right immediately he stepped into the road that led to Kunle’s house. The noisy et busy road was dead quiet. Hamza only shrugged his shoulder and went on for his shoe at Kunle’s.
The next few seconds’ event was too fast for Hamza to recount. First, there was a bright flashlight which blinded him momentarily. Then the beatings he had never received.

“Kpuu! Kpaa! Tuuu! Tawai!!!”
“Take all I have please… Spare me please…” Hamza begged
“Shut up! A voice thundered
“Sgt Abdul… Call the headquarters, tell them we’ve gotten the culprit… Then remind them, we’ve cracked the case. Don’t forget to tell the men to get ready to disembark to their different station…”
“Sir… Yes sir… Alpha delta over sir…” The policeman said something Hamza could not understand to his walkie talkie.

Unknown to Hamza, few hours ago, a man had been murdered on that road by armed non-state actors. The corpse had been shot and thrown to the nearest gutter just few feet away from where Hamza sat. He now knew the cause of the quietness. He was in a deep mess.
“Please officer… I’m innocent… Please ssss…”
It landed right on his head. He could not remember anything but could make out the sound of the engine which roared to life. His hunch must be right, they’re headed to the Police Headquarters.

Written by Solomon

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