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This Jokes will humour you to your bone



“Nigeria was never on top of the map when God said, ‘Let there be light’.”
– Albert Einstein (1938)
“Drinking ‘garri’ doesn’t mean you’re poor, but allowing it to swell before drinking is Poverty.
– Isaac Newton (1842)
“He who runs around looking for scissors to cut Indomie seasoning sachets is not yet hungry.”
– Adolf Hilter (1996)
“It is only when you see a mosquito landing on your testicles that you realise that there are ways of solving problems without violence.”
– Aristotle (1762)

“Only a courageous woman can fry a bunch of plantain without tasting any.”
– Queen Elizabeth (1945)
“He who unwraps a sharwama before tasting it cannot keep a secret.”
– Abraham Lincoln (1864)
“Any man that uses his teeth to cut ‘shaki’ from pepper-soup with his eyes wide open is not afraid of anything.”
– Martin Luther King Jnr (1900).
“Anyone who thinks he has many enemies has never been with a mountain of fire member.”
– William Shakespeare (1788).
“Anyone who graduated without experiencing strike probably has never been to Nigeria.”
– Lord Lugard (1904).

“He who refuses to classify ‘agege’ bread and ‘akara’ as a type of sandwich is a racist.”
– Martin Luther king Jnr (1931).
“Any man who drinks ‘alomo’ bitters without squeezing his face, is capable of murder.”
– Obasanjo(1999)
“Anyone who puts stew on ‘jollof’ rice has trust issues.”
– Fela Kuti (1979)
“Anyone that reads this without laughing, that person is looking for a job.”
– Akpos (2015)

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