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Strange!!! Accident victim being conveyed to hospital involved in an accident the second time



Nigerians will say your village people are after you, in the kind of scenario. According to the story shared on instagram user Jane Chile. She gave a testimony of a woman and her child who was involved in a ghastly motor accident and the child suffered broken bone.
Jane said the woman called an UBER to get her to the hospital cause her child had a broken bone prior to an accident they already had.

Then, as they woman and her child were being transferred to a hospital by the UBER, they had accident the second time.


Read what Jane wrote.

“In the case I haven’t testified this year, God please forgive me. Today I am testifying on behalf of a total stranger. May God be praised 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 So on my way back from church, this was what we saw in front of our compound. This woman requested for Uber to take her child with broken bone as a result of prior accident to the hospital, the Uber picked them up and on getting to this sloppy part of my street, inclining the road, tragedy struck. The car started rolling back, according to the driver, his gear stopped responding and the car rolled back with speed and buried itself to the wall.

The miraculous thing here is, it dodged the electric pole right beside the wall, dodge the bigger slope down that led to a dead end, went in between the wall and the pole and lodges inside the gateman post. You might not understand this but if it had gone left through the dead end slope, it would have been dead bodies. Amazingly, they all came out with just scratches. I had a little chat with the Uber rider about the damage to his car, if he has the comprehensive insurance, he told me they have a way of bypassing the requirements these days.
I wanted to write about how disappointed I am with Uber recruiters and the reduction of their standard then it occurred to me that this can also happen to a standard car. I decided to thank God for all lives saved and thank him again for not giving us a blooded Sunday to remember. It is well with us all. ”

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