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Read this jokes and never stop laughing



Read this jokes and never stop laughing

1-American burial: it was successful
Nigerian: salt no dey their jeroff rice seff ..
Nigeria nawa ooo

2-If actions are louder than words,why are
we learning English instead of Kung- Fu??
Wisdom will kill me one day

3-Sum girls b lyk baby I’m not feeling fine ,
send me mtn 1000. Wat do u need airtime
for? U want to recharge ur sickness?

Why am I having this feeling dat dis celebrity
don’t have fathers

5-I have been crying since morning
When one Owerri girl said she prefers
Facebook to social media

6-The worst relationship breakup is the one
announced by the gateman..
“Oga say make I no open gate for you”..

7-I don’t even understand my landlord
anymore…. I nearly punched him in the face
today…..When he gets beaten by his wife
then he extends his anger on me..
Can you imagine he said my bulb is making

8-Even if you are a ghost Nigerian police
must say anything just to arrest you …. you
will hear where is your ghost licence and
your lying in state particulars

9-If u tell your boyfriend that u are bathing
he doesn’t ask for a nude ….
Hey girl you are single,just move on
No lie

10-The keke i entered today jammed a
Rover Sport 2017 model
All of us inside the keke jumped out and ran
away including the driver

11-Sarkodie rap be like..
Wad else
You know say money no be problem
Ogede to pon Bede
Hgajajhuyyjadurr NOW
Gujugadatzzahiguan HOW
Gujudaefasariduarjimegitenfuadie SURE
MenushidegenedenJavan PURE

only God knows what this man is saying…

12-My sister stop asking guys what they do
for a living,they will lie.Just take them to bed
and count how many rounds they can do
-1 round = rich guy
-2 rounds = doing well in life
-3 rounds = Unemployed
-4 rounds = Broke as hell
Thank me later my sister.My wisdom will still
post quotes even if I die

13-Do you know that those people who
were sold during slave trade are now black
Americans??, enjoying America and Europe.
but my stubborn grandfather refused to be
See me nah…. now am a Nigerian shouting
up Nepa up & down