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Off-duty cop shoots dead pharmacy armed robbers with one hand while carrying his child on the other



Hero Dad and hero Cop!!!.
An off-duty cop of 49th Metropolitan Battalion has been hailed hero after he shot pharmacy armed robbers dead while carrying his baby boy on the other hand. The policeman went to Bifarma in Campo Limpo Paulista, São Paulo, alongside his wife and his son to get some drugs. He was not expecting any rush that day but as a Cop he had his gun with him.

While buying the drugs, two armed robbers on hood bashed into the pharmacy to steal drugs. Within close range, he pulled out his gin swiftly and took a shot at one of the armed robbers, Jefferson Alves, 24. Sgt Souza said the first person he shot pointed the gun at him and was going to shoot him, Souza who had his family with him would not risk a life.

The other armed robber managed to escape but Souza gave him a pursuit. In the video below, Souza’s wife was hiding behind one of the shelves in the row as Sergeant Souza handed over their child to her, so he could catch the other culprit.

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