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Nigerian tech blogger pens down open letter to GLOBACOM and it is a must read.



Nigerian tech blogger pens down open letter to GLOBACOM and it is a must read.
A fast rising tech blogger – NaijaTechGuy has taken his time to write an open letter to GLOBACOM telecommunication company expressing regret and frustration GLO subscribers experience on the network, read below.

I must say that I’m really happy that the data cap on your data plans were increased and we all are quite grateful for that. I also want to thank you for all the bonuses and promos (at least that is what is keeping some of us from porting) .However, with all due respect your data services in most areas are very slow and nothing to write home about. Around my area, It’s quite slow and the only place I get to see a full 3G connection is in the toilet and I keep wondering why it has to be the toilet of all places. Sometimes, when the network speed seems to improve, it would drop drastically in a few minutes .It seems  Glo officials in Nigeria have started using other networks to surf the web because the  current download speed is enough to wait for the second coming of Christ. I’m sure other subscribers would have their own unfortunate tales to tell about your data services. Most of us don’t even use up to half of the plans we paid for before it expires. The network speed is very frustrating. Imagine taking over 25 minutes to download a file of 40MB. I’m actually wondering if the money meant for improving your network’s services are being used for entertainment shows instead.
I heard 9Mobile is being sold and you’re listed as one of the top 10 companies that want to buy the company. On behalf of other subscribers, Please try to make the deal successful because we all certainly hope it would improve your services nationwide and please don’t allow 9mobile’s spamming influence your network. Almost every USSD code dialed on 9mobile returns results as an SMS, please don’t impose it on us as we will not hesitate to port. 

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