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Kenyan woman killed by lightning while romping with another man on her matrimony bed – The man survived



Shock gripped villagers in the Mount Kenya region after a married woman who was having an intimate affair with her neighbour got struck and killed by lightning. Literally she was cheating on her husband with her neighbour

Reports has it that woman and her partner in crime was having sex in the 28-year-old woman’s matrimonial bed when it rained outside.
The woman is also said to be a mother of three.
Residents who spoke to journalists said that as the duo where having fun, lightning struck the woman killing her on the is still a mystery how the lightning struck the woman and spared the man – neighbour. Already the two have been having an illicit affair without the knowledge of the woman’s husband.

Only the woman was struck and the bed on which they were getting laid caught fire. The neighbour is said to have hurriedly put his trouser and dashed away from the scene leaving the woman corpse.
Marete, a neighbour who was reached, said the lightning hit the woman burning her and the mattress they lay on, while the man fled. The running man is yet to surface as he lives close.

The lightning struck woman is married to a Nairobi-based hawker, who was away in Nairobi when the expository incident occurred. The funniest part is that the house was not touched by the lightning but only the bed was hit.

“It was raining heavily and the two were enjoying themselves in the woman’s matrimonial bed. Lightning struck the house and fire burnt the bed but the man escaped,” said Marete.

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