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Hausa man returns the manhood he stole from a man by handshake



Things happen in this little world of ours. A man has just returned the manhood which he stole from his victim by handshake in Port harcourt.

The penis thief alleged to be from Hausa shook hands with an man and that was where the whole story started. It happened at Emenike junction where the man raised alarm that his penis has been stolen by the penis thief.

A facebook user shared the story saying that the man alerted the Special Anti-robbery Squad and got the penis thief apprehended. Upon interrogation, the penis thief is said to return the penis and he did so.

In the video the below, a crowd is seen gathering and pulling the penis thief by his shirt, although you may not get see when the penis was returned. So it is all skeptical

Read what the user wrote on facbook

This case happend at emenike junction in portharcort city today.a young man make had a handsheke with an hausa man and his manhood disappeared man noticed and shouted and special anti robbureing squared(SARS) that are closed aressted de man and de man reinvocked de manhood be careful of pple u are sheking especially de Hausa,s

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