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FRINEMIES – Why you should not be a football fan



Why you should not be a football fan

(At an untimely burial ceremony)
Everybody cries, They weep, They mourn, Same thing but different levels.

Ok Danny is dead, Young and Vibrant,
He’s a good guy, With good dreams. Who killed him?  It was, His friend Mich,
Was it jealousy?
Was it betrayal?
Hell no,
It was football,
But how?

Like how, how, I don’t understand?
Danny was a Messi fan,
Mich was Ronaldo fan,
Danny said Messi was better,
Mich said vice versa.
We thought it was a friendly argument,
Until Mich said,
“Ronaldo can snatch your mom,”
And Danny replied,
“Messi will nutmeg you and your dad,
Making you two worlds best gay.”
Oh shit,
That was where it started,
And where it ended,
Here we are mourning,
Saying all good stuffs about him.

Ok, but where’s Messi and Ronaldo?
They should be here sponsoring this ceremony,
They are the cause.
Well, they are together in France,
Chatting with each other,
Messi is carrying Ronaldo’s son,
Ronaldo is saying hi to Messi’s wife mischievously,
Both waiting on who will win the player of the year.
Well, they are in good terms,
They don’t even know any dead Danny.

Coupled by Favour

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