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Falz’s dad, Femi Falana to sue FG because he fell into a manhole and broke his leg – SMH



Break a leg might mean a different thing when you are off the stage and that is the case of Femi Falana who is going to sue Nigerian federal Government because he fell into a manhole and broke his leg. SMH

The human right activist and father of the renowned Nigerian Musician Falz, said he had fallen into the man hole and broke his leg hence the law suit filing.
Punch newspaper reported that Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) who made his case public on Wednesday being today, while delivering his speech at the National Stakeholders Summit on Whistleblowing in Abuja on Tuesday, said,

“I am sure you saw me limping and using a walking stick when I was coming in. It is because I fell into a manhole while walking to my office on Shehu Shagari Way. .
I broke my leg and I am even wearing Plaster of Paris and I was even hospitalized. So, I won’t like the ordinary Nigerian leave it to God. I have decided that tomorrow I will sue the Federal Government.”

My Verdict
I think the fact he is going to sue the FG cause he fell into a manhole shows that he has an issue of sense. How about i give him one.

Dear Falana,

You have made it public that you are blind enough to fall into a manhole which babies will easily dodge. But may it please you that you can use the money intended to sue FG for fixing the open manhole, so that your future generation would not have to fall into it and go about suing the FG.

Yours faithfully

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