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Do not read this if you don’t want to laugh



Ella: Babe howfa nah
Debbie: I’m cool sweedie,and u?
Ella: same dear Waow!, i love your hair.
Debbie: Thank you my love
Ella: You’re welcome honey. Am coming to
your house today,, so how is it gonna be?
Debbie: wow Sweet
Ella: I hope you prepared sumting delicious
Debbie: Yea sweedie, just come over
you like,I’ll be expecting you
JoeJo: Sweetheart howfa nah
Onwe: Come,Andrew iz like ur brain is
JoeJo: Handsome, i love this your boxers oh
Onwe: Oboy wait o, which day you turn
JoeJo: Can i come over to your house?
Onwe: Come do wetin?
JoeJo: Ok, ok, can i take you out tonight so
we could just chill
n catch sum fun..
Onwe: Cum no let devil chop ur eye oh,
So you dey find who you go tear im nyash
person wey go go 14years in prison Abi?
No let better Thunder from Okija Shrine
Strike you there …
Infact I cover my nyash with d Precious
Blood Of Jesus!! Idiot.

I still don’t understand how Nigeria
Cockroaches survive inside Microwave, Gas
cooker oven etc. You will be warming food
and you will see them walking inside like
Shedrack,Meshack & Abednego. Maybe
They Also Serve A Mighty God.
Anybody with an explanation?

Igbo man don suffer
An Igbo man had an accident with his new
BMW X6, he called a police officer & said: this
man just smashed off the door of my BMW!
My 13Million car is now condemned! The
police officer shook his head in amazement
& said, You Igbo’s are so materialistic, you
didn’t even realize that your hand was cut-
off. The igbo man looked at his amputated
hand & screamed: chinekeme!! Where is my

This one is too much….
I have declared that i will never smoke weed
again after i spent the whole night dancing
to the sound of the generator.

*{Mum} Jennifer You Don`t Want To Tell The
Truth , How Did You Get Pregnant?*
*{Daughter}Mum It Was An Accident*
*{Mum} You Mean You Were Crossing The
Road And A Penis From Nowhere Eventually
Hit You?? *

A lady lied to a guy dat she is a graduate. D
guy asked “do u ave NYSC certificate? She
replied “No seriously I don’t like the course.
Because all the subject is calculation ….”
pls dont laff alone send it to your
Friends and put smiles on their faces.
Son asks his father softly; ”Dad, why is this
electricity bill so low this month?”
Dad looks at the boy & says ” Fusek!!!! THIS

‘I’m finished’ is when your girlfriend
starts arguing with a bouncer in a Club…and
ends up saying…”My boyfriend ain’t scared of
you”….That moment my brother it’s either you
become John Cena or you become Usain Bolt.

WARRI AGAIN!!!!*A man caught a thief at
night in his kitchen at Ugborikoko area of
Warri. Just when the man was going to raise
the alarm,the thief said:”Do you remember
what I said in the Bible?I said “I will come
like a thief in the night”.”I have come again.
Blessed are you among men that you have
stayed awake as I told you.” Then the man
looked at the thief, smiled and replied, “Sir,
you have fallen into the hands of Pontius
Pilate again!”* I will nail u today!!! The thief
It’s not like i can’t afford that – i phone 7
It’s just that the colour they have is not my
If they have colours like acid green,
cockroach brown, paw paw orange, bloody
red, ewedu green
Or a little touch of ojuelegba yellow
Just let me know let it not look as if i cant
buy it for myself …that is d Saying of a
Poor Asshole

*I saw a joke in another group but it was
posted by someone I don’t like so I decided
to come and laugh here*
The way girlz smoke dis days i just pray they
don’t give birth to firewood
Jst saying nitemi

MTN has done it again. You can now check
your weight on your phone. Simply dial
*118# then stand on your phone. If its
taking too long to read, jump twice.
Don’t thank me, what are friends for?

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