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Chinese teacher ask students to pay money each time they fail an answer in English



What a strange method of teaching. A teacher in china gets her pupil to pay $7.50 – 2223 NGN each time they get a question wrong. The teacher in western china has been asked to return the money she collects from her pupils when they fail a question in English.

The teacher working at a school in Kunming in Yunnan province also gave out financial rewards to children who did well, but later admitted her methods were inappropriate, reported.

The teacher who was not named said she received a permission to collect the money from the PTA. She also will return the money but that will be after she has published a detailed punishment online. She raised up to 3,950 yuan – 595 dollars – 211,182.23NGN.

The student pay the sum when the fail to answer a fill-in-the-blank-spaces test after they must have memorized it from a book. Student who pass the exam were given $15 – 100 yuan – 5325 NGN.

one of the parent loved the idea saying it motivated her son to memorize text books willingly.

“To be honest, my boy was motivated,” the mother was quoted as saying. “After the rule, he proposed memorising textbook essays without being asked.”

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