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Breaking news – Boy found with two heads in a bag in Lagos



Today, the City of Lagos woke up very agitated, because of the confusion in the bus transporting passengers. The Traffic Police found two heads in a passenger’s bag on the-Ojota/CMS – Bus route.
A young man, about 21 years old, got into the bus with a backpack, near the Maryland bus stop, passengers felt a strong smell coming from the boy’s suitcase.

The horrible smell made the passengers suspicious. Then one of the passengers alarmed the driver. The driver made a light signal when he saw the Traffic Police that was doing his daily round by the Ikorodu road. The police intercepted the Bus, and searched all the passengers.

Many were frightened, not knowing what was happening. One of the policemen was shocked when he opened the 21-year-old boy’s backpack and found two (2) heads the boy carried in his backpack. In examining them carefully, the authorities found that they were two known heads.

It was a head of a garlic and the other of an onion.

Thank you very much for your attention.Now you can continue what you were doing. Good night.. Have a nice sleep.

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