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Brazilian football player caught poking a finger into opponents backside during a football match



Rodrigo, a Brazillian player as Ponte Preta club defender  in Brazil’s Seria A has been caught on camera doing something unacceptable.
He was caught on camera inserting a finger into an opponent’s backside during a match on Sunday when his team faced their relegation rivals Vitoria. The other player reacted to the action in a way to show that he accepts but only Rodrigo was penalized.

Rodrigo was immediately issued a red card for the offense. But watching the video below, you can observe that action carried out by Rodrigo was complemented by the other player who in return grabbed Rodrigo on the groin. The match ended as Ponte Preta who were leading relegation rivals Vitoria 2-0 collapsing to a 3-2 defeat that sent them down the table.

Ponte Preta club president Vanderlei Pereira condemned Rodrigo’s attitude after the game, calling his red card ‘childish.’
‘It’s no use having to think about management, technique when a player does that on the pitch. Why did Rodrigo do that? It was childish, there was no need,’ Pereira said.

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