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17-year-old Nigerian buys mom new LEXUS SUV – Photos / Video



A 17-year-old boy, Divine Ikubor has just shocked the Internet after he shared a photo of the car he bought for his mum. It is not clear what the boy does for a living but the picture and videos clearly shows a new car which he bought for his mum who could not control her Joy.

Divine Ikubor shared the post on facebook with the caption

 ‘Bought mom a car at age 17
Thank you God

17-year-old Nigeria buys mom new LEXUS SUV

17-year-old Nigeria buys mom new LEXUS SUV
Regardless of the source of the money at least him using it to make his mom happy shows that the money is legit. Unlike some on instagram whose source of income is shady but will be flaunting all the cash, wearing new gucci, yet he can’t help out his mum. 

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