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Woman beating to pulp by a delivery man who feared the woman will give him a bad review



A lady/woman has been beating to pulp by a delivery man who was afraid she will give him a bad review.
The attack according to SCMP occurred on Saturday evening when the delivery guy left the woman in stitches and bandage.

“I was so badly beaten that all I could do was kneel on the ground and try to hold up my head,” while the victim was speaking to southern metropolis news.

The woman, a post graduate student was said to have ordered a meal from a restuarant 10 minutes away from her apartment. Two hours later she called the restuarant after a log wait, but the restuarant gave her a harsh reply rather.

“While I was waiting, I called the restaurant a few times and the delivery driver was abusive to me over the phone,” said the anonymous woman.

The post-graduate woman walked up to the restaurant where she confronted the delivery guy. The delivery guy had asked her to wait outside, then she asked for his name. The delivery guy became furious and beat the woman blue, black and purple. She had to call her friend who got her to te hospital with bil up to ($300).

The case was reported to the police and the matter is being investigated.

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