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Why I hate school but love learning



This is a personal thought which I know you will take a word from it.

A child is born into a family and everyone is happy, as the child grows familiar with the environment and is able to speak and understand, the child is sent to school. Why?

For the sake of this write up, I will use him or he or his to make reference to both male child and female child with no gender inequality in mind.

Isn’t there another way that child can become successful instead of sending him or her to school. Where he will be taught what others have learnt already and is forced to perfect it. And when he is done schooling and gathering all the needed certificate painstakingly, he gets a job, serving another person so he can make a living. That is an archaic way to train a child.

Almost every child born is expected to become someone in life, be free, feel secured, make decisions and have a happy life but school rips all that from every child.

The first day a child is sent to school he cries heavily because he doesn’t want to leave his parents whom he looks up to. As the day goes on his mindset changes, he gets to meet other pupils whom he can connect with, he starts playing with his mates in school, grows up with them and never wants to leave them. But along the line he mixes up with the wrong ones who influences him and then he becomes a bad boy. Parents starts noticing his bad behavior and attitude but cannot help it because, it is getting out of hand. I will leave a question for you, who is to be blamed for the child’s bad attitude.

Now the top reason why I say I hate school but love education is that school has no point.
Let me get it straight to you, many believe and I believe that school is a way the rich harvest the intelligence, employ people to work for them and keep themselves rich. What goal is there in school when after a long time journey you end up working for someone who barely has a cert. You may doubt this but the owners of the multi-million blue chip industries are the one who either dropped out of school or never even saw the four walls of a school. In Nigeria schooling last up to 20 years and you even stand the chance of not getting a job, not to mention of the stress you have been through trying to get a piece of paper.

How about a child is born and the parent keep him busy growing his talent? If a parent cannot see the talent in his child, then the child is not his. A child started learning the first he was born and his first teacher is his parents whom he acquired the intelligence to speak, walk, understand etc. Why not the get the child enrolled into something that the child loves, instead the child is pushed to school. Little wonder the cry on the first day. Well, they get used to school cause even as little as they are they still believe in their dreams and hope to achieve it with friends the make. If at the age of 10 a child can learn programming code what stops a parent from letting a child learn that. If a child can draw why can’t he become an artist, but you see most parents taunting that the want their child to become an Engineer, a medical doctor, etc. Fine your child can become an engineer but does he want to be an engineer or does he have the attributes of an engineer. When a child is born, the parent is obliged to study the child behavior to find out the possible gift a child has. A child born to be an engineer will before the age of 10 show that.
While in school a child is being taught not less than 8 subjects or courses in Nigeria for example, and you find out that those eight course are being handled by eight different teachers. Most times out of the eight teachers, five are not happy teaching and as a result negatively affect the child’s growth generally. One of reason for the dwindling economy in Nigeria is the poor parenting mindset. Take a look at this, the full expenditure acquired by parents who take their ward or child to school. This is measure using the average fees and charges in Nigeria.
From Kindergarten to Nursery and primary school level the expenses are minimal and usually not up 50,000NGN.
But when the child gets to the secondary school (High school) parents spend more than 70,000 NGN on each 6 levels. Then at the high institutions the expenses are spiked up to 100,000NGN on each 4 levels. Now do the math when a parent has up to 4 kids.

But if school was not made the idol and all those cash channeled in the right direction the child would have become whom he wants to be even before high school and the society will benefit from that.
School is no longer the key to success, a UNN best graduating student was given NGN 10,000 reward by the National association of medical students after 6 years of spending NGN 100,000 and doing herculean assignments and projects over the night.  Bill gates owner of Microsoft dropped out of school because to create the MS-DOS which is the root of Microsoft owned OS. If he had finished the whole schooling procedure, he may not have had the opportunity to create the OS as he was a bright child who learnt programming outside school. The same story for Facebook founder, who found no interest in school.

The case is worse in Nigeria, because most of the school dropouts have nothing to offer and has learnt so much of nothing in school. The ones that make it through school must go through hell and come looking for jobs that do not exist and when they find one, they are paid peanut and made to work round the clock.  They get all the required certs and become a government worker – too bad. News has it that a Kogi state civil servant committed suicide by hanging because he was being owed 10 months’ salary. Another one which I reported has it that, another Kogi state civil servant lost his daughter because he could not foot her medical bills hence he was owed 10 month’s salary. These people all went through school and hoped for a better future, but obviously it did not turn out as hoped.

JAMB one of the required examinations a student must undertake before gaining admission into the higher institutions in Nigeria has been a destiny change, most Nigerians can testify.

Most jobs positions people longer for are now being replaced by Artificial intelligence, comment below a job which you think is not replaceable by (A.I).

In conclusion, school is not a bad thing after all, but it is not meant for everyone. The goal of every human being on earth should be self-actualization. Be that thing you want to be and stop following the crowd. Education is the main thing, school only shows you the available opportunities, you meet friends who may have the same dreams with you in school. You get exposed in school, but don’t let school determine who you are. Depression in students occur when they fail exams, not that they do not know the answer or cannot know the answer, but the question asked in the exam and things learnt in school are not relevant to whom they want to become.

 While schooling and you feel something doesn’t feel right, and what you want to be is being delayed. Take that bold step and work towards your dream.

School is
Expensive, Time wasting, not directional, Stressful, Depressing but can be mind opening