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Tiger let loose in a Chinese circus after performers failed to lock up the cage



A Chinese circus in Chongyang county, a rural part of Hubei province on Monday let loose a two-year-old circus tiger. The performers by 5pm after a show guided the tiger to it’s cage but failed to lock it up properly.

According to reports, the tiger left out of the loose cage and began wondering the circus when the circus performers where having a break. After discovering that the tamed tiger was not in it’s cage, the police was alerted.

The tiger not being wild, the police studied it’s movement for about 50 minutes. After Cornering it to a brick wall, the tiger was sent back to it’s cage. It took a dozen men from Tiancheng police station in Chongyang county all armed with steel poles.

The Jiangsu based circus also uses other animals in its performances including bears, monkeys and goats.
The circus was given a warning about its safety procedures and asked to leave town by law enforcement officers, but no further action was taken.

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