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Teacher arrested for slapping 1-year-old girl repeatedly



Some of the things that get people arrested in some foreign countries can’t even get you a query here in Nigeria.

This is an event where a Long Island teacher slapped a girl aged 1-year-old on the back of the head at a daycare on several occasions, police said.  The abuse  happened in late September.

Well this one can cause a Nigerian parents to come of the teacher

The teacher from Long Island is identified as Jeanine Sammis, 36-year-old. She was booked on Thursday for an attempted assault 2nd degree and endangering the welfare of a child.
Not just a child a baby child.

Cops told Pix11 that a coworker witnessed an incident, and started recording the event.
The daycare, KinderCare, issued a statement.

“We take all concerns about our teachers and staff seriously and follow a very specific protocol anytime a concern is raised,” they told the outlet. The daycare said Sammis quit about a week before her arrest in order to work elsewhere.

Cops said the baby, however did not sustain any injuries. An investigation is ongoing. For now, it’s unclear what has to say to defend herself. She Sammins could not be reached by Pix11 and when they showed up at her home on Friday, and The Nassau County District Attorney told PIX11 she didn’t have a lawyer. A court date is set for Tuesday.

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