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Slay queen caught stealing biscuits in Anambra



A Facebook user, as Arc Paschal Chike Umeobi said that the lady pictured below was caught by a vigilante in Ezinifite, a town in Anambra State trying to steal biscuits

The lady jumped the fence and burgled a building just to steal biscuit but she met her doom when one of the vigilantes perceived an intrusion and tried to stop her.  In an act to escape and prove she was good at what she does she tried to run which prompted the vigilante to shoot at her but she dodged the bullet and jumped through other fence and landed in another compound. the owners of the house immediately raised an alarm and she was apprehended.

When the Lady was interrogated by the mob she made it known that she did not steal a dime as she could not see where money was kept in the house but she only took biscuit which she has eaten. HUNGER IS  NOT A GOOD THING OO.