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Secondary school girl caught after stealing N70,000 from a bank customer’s account



A young girl believed to be in SS2 level in a school in Delta state was nabbed after she stole a sum of N70k from an unsuspecting victim.

The girl according to sources was apprehended at Otite Road, Sapele in Delta state. A lady who was trying to withdraw her money from the GTB ATM could not stay on the queue, so she gave her ATM card to the secondary school girl. The girl got to the machine after waiting for a while, she transferred N50,000 from the lady’s account to hers and withdrew N20,000 which she had in her pockets. As fast as she could, she fled by a bike after she must have given back the ATM card.

The lady received an alert of a sum of money she could not account for, she hurriedly went after the girl on a bike too. The secondary school girl was finally caught with the help of citizens living in the Otite area.