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Read what happened to a third-grader in Ohio who went to school with a loaded arm and extra-ammo



A 9-year-old boy in his third grade brought a loaded firearm to school because he was being violated everyday, child told the police.
A teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary in Ohio intercepted horror after noticing something big and unusual in the child’s pocket. The child was said to have had access to the gun because his mother’s boyfriend left it within his reach at home.

A mom, Nancy duke, whose children attends the school said her sons told her the whole story, she said.
“My boys come and tell me that they were right there with the boy with the gun,” Duke said. “That’s scary. My kids were right there, could have handled this gun. It could have easily went wrong.”

“I’m upset, especially I found out it’s third grade, my granddaughter’s in the third grade. Even though it was not her classroom you know that does not prevent that it could have been. It could have happened to her, it could have been her classroom,”  – grandmother Kathy Davis said

When reached, the Middletown superintendent, Marlon Styles,  said
 “What I can tell you out of the respect for the student’s privacy, the situation was addressed very appropriately by those who were involved in the situation. Students were safe at all times once the weapon was confiscated, and right now it’s in the hands of our law enforcement,” “We’re proud to say that we do consider safety our No. 1 priority here in Middletown City School District.”

The now convict child is charged with three crimes:
Felonious assault,
Illegal conveyance of a deadly weapons
Carrying a concealed weapon.
He recently appeared in juvenile court on Tuesday and was remanded in the juvenile detention center, for at least through next week when he appears in court again. Then will he undergo a competency and psychological evaluation and risk assessment.
As for his mother’s boyfriend, he faces a child endangering charge. 

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