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Ohio: Family member caught a 17-year-old teen having sex with a wiener dog



Somewhere, in Warren, Ohio, where people having sex with dogs has apparently been an issue for some time, a 17-year-old unidentified teen has been busted on bestiality charges for the second time, and police say he admitted it all.

WKBN reported that a family member actually walked in on the scene just to find the teen naked and in bed with a dog named Pee Wee almost a year to the day after he was charged for sexual contact with the dog.
Currently, the dog is on screening for any injuries it might have sustained.

Det. Nick Carney determined told WKBN that he is concerned that the minor will be a threat to children and is attempting to learn more in “follow-up work.”

“My concern with the interview is if he would do this to an animal, what would you do to a small child? So, this case is not open and shut. There is some follow-up work I have to do that I can’t really talk about right now,” he said.

The teen, who half-lived with Trumbull County Children Services and his family, faces bestiality and animal cruelty charges, and police said that during an interview the accused confessed to having sex with the dog in July and September. He said the sex sessions lasted an hour or more.

The Miami Herald’s intrepid reporting on the Warren dog sex problem shows that it has been an issue there for years, culminating in an actual town ordinance banning animal-human sex last year. The first incident involving the teen and Pee Wee occurred before the bestiality law took effect.

This time, that is not the case.

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