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Nigerian rival gang battle with swords in a hospital in India- Video



The incident occurred on Saturday in a hospital located in Saket, south Delhi, India, when rival gangs braced swords and cleavers in a fight. Staffs had to hide in toilets to avoid being hit.

Around 4a.m, three wounded Nigerians went to the hospital for the sake of treatment. while their friend waited outside. Not long, a rival drove in the hospital in an auto-rickshaw. Security footage has captured the clashes and chilling visuals of men holding swords. A broken door is on the floor as the men punch each other real hard.

The rival groups fought for nearly an hour in the hospital reception space. A guard who tried to stop them was also beaten and left injured. The staff and nurses of the clinic reportedly bolted all access to the upper floors where patients are recovering.

The gang vandalized the hospital and ran away before the police arrived

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