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New York grandma opens office where she share her 100-year-advice



Trying to solve a question or a problem? Grandma knows best.

CBS New York reports one special grandmother is lending 100 years of wisdom to strangers on New York City’s Upper West Side. Her makeshift office attracts a steady stream of New Yorkers, anxiously awaiting a chat with the woman who has 10 decades of life experience.

“For me, it was a thrill. She’s just wonderful,” one man said.

Inside the cardboard cut-out, you’ll find a laptop with 100-year-old grandmother Eileen Wilkinson waiting to chat.

She may live clear across the country in Washington state, but thanks to her grandson, Mike Matthews — who is an adjunct social media professor at New York University – she’s now sharing words of wisdom for free.

“You can be anything you want,” Wilkinson said. “Don’t complain about anything. You do something about it.”

Over the past three months, hundreds of people have stopped by, chatting with Wilkinson like they were old friends.

“She absolutely gets a kick out of meeting New Yorkers because they’re so open about their lives,” Matthews said.

A music student asked for advice on a performance. Others were curious about life in 1917.

One boy said he was already planning his next visit.

“She’s so wise,” he said. “And she really does not look 100. She looks like she’s in her early to late 80s.”

Wilkinson spent most of her life as a homemaker and mother. She says truly listening gives her advice-giving ability a personal touch. And she’s honest.

“A friend of mine will say, ‘I talked to your grandmother last night.’ And I’ll say, ‘I had no idea.’ She’s a lock box,” Matthews said.

Wilkinson hosts Facebook Live chats and has an Instagram account.

“It works both ways because I get great joy talking to them,” she said.

Wilkinson’s not slowing down any time soon, bringing new meaning to the adage “the road to grandma’s house is never long.”

She will turn 101 years old in January, and says her secret to longevity is living a good, clean life.