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Male burglar suspect who wear female dress to break into mobile phone shop apprehended in china



China Police locatee at the southeastern part of the country have arrested a man accused of dressing as a woman to break into shops and make away with dozens of mobile phones, according to an official report.

A store in the city of Kaili in Guizhou province reported a midnight break-in during which 30 mobile phones were stolen on September 20. According to the security footage released, A male suspect, ( the suspect’s posture did not quite match a woman’s, the police suspected it was a man in female clothing) who went on high-heeled shoes and a long dress and  also holding an umbrella even when it was not raining. A similar burglary strategy took place nine days later at another local shop that lost a total sum of 36 phones. Surveillance cameras picked out suspect in the same attire.

When the police had identified the female-dress up suspect they followed him back to a rented room on Thursday. Lo and behold, in his room, the police found wigs, masks, tape, dresses and make-up.
The suspect, Yang, 46, is a local resident who was jailed sometime between 2009 and 2017 for kidnapping and released in March, the police statement said.

The 66 mobile phones that Yang is accused of stealing worth more than 90,000 yuan (US$13,500).
When Yang was first arrested, Yang denied all the allegations at first, but the report posted on the chinese police’s social media pages said he had confessed after officers confronted him with the tools  he used for his disguise. Final report said the police had retrieved all the stolen mobile phones and detained Yang for prosecution.