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Maid tortured to near death for allegedly stealing her stealing her aunty’s children food



A houselady,  Juliet Ozoarinze   has exhibited one the worst inhuman acts towards her maid Blessing. She cut her maids with a knife cause her maid allegedly stole and ate her children’s food. Juliet has been arrest by the Lagos state police for the act.

According to a reliable news source, Juliet is fond of beating Blessing to pulp ever since July Blessing was living with her. Blessing lived with Juliet in Ijesha, Surulere area of Lagos State and has been tortured for weird reasons such as witchcraft, impromptu response and lagging. The story has it that Juliet’s husband of four could not foot the medical bills for Blessings treatment, so he moved her to a relative, Vivian that brought Blessing to them. Vivian on the other hand has refused to handle the bills , so she alerted the police on the case.
How unfair life can be.

Vivian said; “Blessing’s mother lives in Abuja and she has four children, including her.
She had been saddled with the care of all the four girls. We thought the couple could assist with Blessing’s education in exchange for helping them with house chores. The man suddenly brought the girl back to our house.
The woman used a knife to cut her in the hand and the man said he was not happy with the wife. After he left, I saw that she could barely sit and I asked her to remove her clothes.
I was alarmed at the extent of her injuries and she told me that Juliet had been torturing her since she started living with them.”

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