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Indian school staff rapes 11-year-old Nigerian boy



A school staff in India, known as Ashok Mishra, has been accused of raping an 11-year-old class-six Nigerian boy.

The 35-year-old school official was arrested by the Police in Greater Noida where the incident occurred on Tuesday. According to DNA India, the accused has been sent to judicial custody for mere 14 days.

According to the school principal the staff, Mishra, had been working as an administrative assistant for the school for five years. His job was to ‘screen’ visitors
who came to visit the principal. Also, he used to sell school diaries, resource books and uniforms to students. Mishra had access to the entire building, including the teachers’ staff room.

The issue came to public attention last weekon  Monday when the victim reported to his mother that he was being sodomised by a school staff since four years and the sexual assault used to take place in a toilet on the second floor of the school building.

“On Monday, two police officers had come to our school to inquire about Mishra. Since he was entrusted with installing GPS in school buses, I thought the police wanted to talk to him about that but it was at 9.45pm that I got to know that he was in police custody. He was a trusted member of the staff and was respected by everyone. We have never had any complaints regarding his behaviour,” the school principal said.

Nigerians protest against the act
Meanwhile, a group of Nigerians express themselves by protest in front of the school.

They told the authorities that the would not embark on a violent but to seek justice for the boy.

A representative of the protesters said, “We are not aggressive, see the point we are making here: it is assumed in our own culture that any man that has such character to the same man is either for rituals to tarnish the destiny of that child or transfer the destiny of that child to himself. That is our own belief.
“If that child is brought to you, and he confirmed that he has made a complaint to you and you gave him sweet to make him not to report to his parents, tell us what will be our reaction to you?
“You know what you are doing. You are trying to defend the crime. Every week, this boy has been molested; inside the backroom, classrooms, and the bathroom.”

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