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Incredible!!! Dubai Police traces and recovers a wrist watch stolen from a Canadian traveler



This goodnews incident happened in Abu Dhabi when a lucky Canadian resident in the Dubai had misplaced her wrist watch, traveled to Canada then a surprise waiting for her at Abu Dhabi International Airport when she returned after traveling to Canada.

Her wrist watch which was said to be very expensive  had been stolen at the airport while she was leaving. She lodges a  complain to the Police, the Dhabi Police traced it and gave it back to her when she came back, according a Facebook post made by the police. 

Gulf news reported that Her husband had lodged a complaint with the police and officials identified the suspect in the crime from CCTV cameras mounted in the airport. After much findings it was dsicovered that an Asian man had stolen the watch while the dentist was completing her emigration procedures at the airport to travel to Canada.

The police team investigating the matter painstakingly traced the suspect in his home country and recovered the watch from him with the help of the police in that country.
The dentist expressed her gratitude to police for their timely and efficient efforts.

Brigadier Tariq Khalfan Al Ghool, the deputy director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Abu Dhabi Police who supervised the investigations into this case, said the incident proved that the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi, is a safe place to live.
He thanked the officers in the team that cracked the crime quickly. 
The police said they have deployed police personnel in plain clothes at airports and similar places. If they find any suspicious incidents, they check the CCTV cameras and trace the culprits, the police said.

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