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Hushpuppi has a 4-year-old son he doesn’t take care of – Mompha



Mompha is not done exposing hushpuppi’s deepest secret. He has come with  new revelation saying that Hushpuppi has a 4-year-old he doesn’t look after.
Mompha exposed the chat he had mom whom he said bore hushpuppi a son now 4-year-old.
Read what he wrote

Dear Ramoni AKA Hushpuppi Instagram celebrity. You claimed on ur previous post that i snitch on G boys and i launder money for politicians which u dont have any proof to back it up and For u also to say u gave me 70million still no proof and the other Dirty Stuffs u said i did Listen very Good i had a chat with the mother of ur first child yesterday cos i cant call her ur baby mama cos she is married now.

You said u bought food for my wife and my son, So how come u couldnt take care of ur own Son for the past 3 to 4years why is it that its another man that is taking care of ur own son over my dead body another man to take care of my responsibility while am alive. I wont call ur child bastard cos i dont have any bastard outside.. For those of u supporting him calling him ur role model, is this the kind of Father/Son u wanna be to ur own family.. Olorun maje.

How will a grown up man say he wanna buy property in my name am i ur father nor ur family member, ur 43.5m in january only stayed for 2days in my acct which i transfer to the company that wanna sell the house for u. Have told u am the wrong person u will ever try this wit cos i may be cool but am dangerous once am angry For now i have to stoop so low to ur level cos i wanna deal wit u, Have told u dubai will be Very hot for u omo ale jatijati… God save u am still in indonesia Less i forget u said i bought my Range Rover on loan which u knw i got the receipt which have posted also.

Never in ur Life bite a Finger That feed u… u must Hear Word Cos u knw say i sabby u wella, Internet warrior Na now u go knw say i be mortal kombat Finish Him!!!! Brutality.. Nigga Stop lying About the private Jet Stuff and the helicopter and facial all was paid by @abudhabifargo, Same abu fargo blocked u when he found out that u a fake nigga always begging him for money Stop all this fake lifestyle and Take care of your Family… For those calling me snake, Snitch I pray to God u will all end up like him Cos omo ti ko ba toju obire yo parun ni ooo… All the burj arab and versace hotel u claimed u lodge u forgot in burj arab u only slept in the parlour cos the room was paid by ur friends.



  1. Anonymous

    October 30, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Hmm hush puppies is finished after������

  2. Anonymous

    October 30, 2017 at 10:39 am

    No bragging for hushpuppi on instagram

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