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How parents should train up their child



Ok this is totally not personal, it’s just based on observations. So, I wouldn’t be needing sympathetic comments. God Bless.
In as much as kids try their best to respect their parents. I believe Parents should respect the feelings of their kids. We feel too, and sometimes want to be heard. They’ll say we should man up. That’s why the pain lingers. Lots of Nigerian kids are scared to tell their parents what they feel, because they fear they’ll judge them which they’ll.

Especially some Christian families that see raising their kids as a competition with the the other families. There are things the smart kid you envy can do, that your child can’t, and there are things your child can do, that the smart kid can’t and will never do. Most kids are not raised to focus on their strength, but on the strength of their parent’s thinking. They feel if they passed it, that you’ll pass it. No one wants to understand why the kid is silent. That’s why kids go to the wrong places to find happiness instead of their family. Lots of kids lose confidence in front of their parents because they’ll judge instead of correct with understanding. You hardly see a parent who apologise, because to them it weakens their ego. Hardly any of them takes the responsibility of being at fault. That’s why most kids you see on the street have no remorse.
At the end respect is the key for both sides. I’m writing this to myself to for the future…
I don’t know what’s up with u, but I know I’ve said some parts of your mind.

Favour Ogechi Ofoegbu