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Heartbreaking!!! Video of Kogi state civil servant who lost his daughter to illness because he was owed ten(10) months salary and so could not afford the medical bills



The issue of non-payment of salary in Kogi State for up to ten months has caused turmoil in the state. The other day an report went viral saying that a Kogi state civil servant committed suicide by hanging after he was owed ten months salary.

Now the latest news reaching my desk is that a couple has lost their daughter to illness after they could not pay for her medical bills because the father was being owed ten months salary. The father in question here is a civil servant in kogi state, he lost his daughter cause he could not afford her bills so doctors will not attend to his daughter. Now the question is.

Who is to be blamed ?
The wicked Kogi state governor , Yahaya Bello who is not enjoying himself but is owing his workers ten months salary.?
The doctor that put money first before life cause he could not work until he was paid.

Their daughter is said to be in Primary 6

I’m lost of words here. Bello will be busy enjoying three square meal as his workers cry everyday. I must say that is the world worst Governor. My heart goes to those kogi state workers surviving. God will answer your prayers. Bello has his reward and it will be definitely something he can’t survive.

This whole thing is burning hot in my mind. I wish i could just grab a cane and flog the devil out of Bello.
Looking at the face of the governor, you can tell he has that wicked heart. Ten months!!!! what is he doing with all the internally generated revenue. I won’t be surprise if he runs again for the governorship election.

As for the doctors, you have put shame in the most reputable profession.

Watch the heartbreaking video below