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From convict to model: Man stuns the internet with multi-colored eyes



Lucky by name or officialmekhilucky as known on instagram, 20-year-old, dazzled internet users with his multi-colored eyes, which are caused by the rare genetic condition heterochromia. The same can be said of the Nigerian girl with multi-colored eyes, that was discovered by a photographer while she was on her vegetable selling business.

Lucky’s story is different, he was once arrested by the police in Raleigh and charged in April 2016 with possessing a stolen vehicle and eluding arrest.
According to huffpost, Lucky also has two misdemeanor charges for interfering with emergency communications and resisting an officer, according to The News & Observer.
The current status of the cases against him is not yet made public.

Lucky is currently hitting the runways professionally.

“I instantly knew that he was perfect for St. Claire Modeling,” the agency’s manager, Damiana O’Bryant, told BuzzFeed on Thursday. She hopes to bring Lucky to New York Fashion Week in February.

The agency has shared these images from Lucky’s first fashion shoot.