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Download The1960post android application – Fast and easy-to-use



You can get all the stuff on the1960post website on this android application. Downloading the 1960post android application gets you all the news first so you stay ahead of others.

How to use the1960post application
After you must have downloaded the application
Send the app icon to you Home screen
Launch the application.
Wait for it to load
Tap on the Menu icon on the upper left. or Slide from left to right to bring out the menu option.
On the menu icon, tap on “Sync Now”
Make sure you have an internet access to let the news feed populate.
The Home category consist of all the news and stories both read and unread.
The Latest category in the menu option has the latest 5 news or story.
The All unread in the menu is where the unread news or story can be found.
All starred category i the menu option has the news or story you marked star while reading it.
You can share articles you read to others by tapping on the three vertical dots on the top right and tapping share or using the floating share button.
You also can delete read or unread article of your choice, this feature can be seen on the three top dots.
Note that you may come across interstitial and banner ads while using the application.

Features of the1960post application
– Light and easy to use
– Low battery usage
– Phone opitimised
– Inbuilt news feed reader.
– Web view option in the menu bar.

  • How to use the web view
  • Open the menu option
  • tap on web view and wait for it to load.
– Switch themes from day to Night to save battery life and reading at night
  • How to switch themes
  • Open the menu option
  • Tap on switch theme
– Comment section: in each article an Disqus comment platform has been integrated.
  • How to comment
  • First create a Disqus account
  • Tap on view comments
  • Log in the created Disqus info
  • Drop related comments in each article
– Search option
– Switch layout: you can change the article view from the list view to any other view that suits you. You have the following view to choose from
  1. Grid
  2. Tile
  3. List
  4. Card List
  5. Card Magazine
  • How to toogle views
  • Tap on the three vertical dots on the top right you see on the Home, latest news, All unreads, All stars.
  • Tap on switch view and choose any one that suits you.
Pick favorites: You can star a news or story by tapping on the star on top pane.

Download THE1960POST android application from this trusted Goole hosted link.

Report any bug to [email protected]

View the app gallery of the application usage below.






Download THE1960POST android application from this trusted Goole hosted link.