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Do you know that Patience Jonathan is just 52-year-old , she turned 52 today



Today, October 25, 2017 marks the 52nd birthday of the former first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan. 

The woman behind “there is God oo” is just 52 and many misled by her voice and actions said she was above 70’s

Bio of Patience Jonathan @52

Born in the Southern part of Nigeria, Rivers State to be precise on the 25th of October 1965, where she had her primary and secondary school education.
Mrs Jonathan went to Rivers State College of arts and science to obtain an NCE certificate in mathematics and biology in 1989. Her ernest desire for further education took her to University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) where she obtained a degree in Biology & Psychology.

So suck it up she went to school despite “me and my fellow widows”

She holds 4 Honorary Doctorate degrees, one of which is a Honorary Doctorate degree from a South Korean University. The awarding institution, Hansei University, said they honoured Mrs. Jonathan because she had worked “hard for many good causes.” “She is a humanitarian whose life is dedicated to working for the less privileged in Nigeria and Africa particularly for women and children,” President and Chancellor of Hansei University, Sung-Hae Kim said.

What 4 honors = Oga education is not the key anymore

Dame Patience Jonathan has been recognized nationally and internationally for her philanthropic work and political pragmatism. She received the “Beyond The Tears” International Humanitarian Award New York, USA, in 2008, for her role in the global fight against HIV/AIDS; the African Goodwill Ambassador Award (Los Angeles, USA, 2008) .

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