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Crocodile Smile II : Nigerian Army kill innocent civilian and fled with the body to cover up



The Nigerian Army personnel that are attached to Exercise Crocodile Smile II has sent to grave one Sadiq Ismaila, 20-year-old and fled with his body to cover up the commited crime.

According to story, four others innocent citizens of Nigeria including one Paul Abudu and Bridget Afolabi were injured in the incident which occurred around 1:30pm, at Oniru Block Village, Lekki, Lagos on Tuesday.

Already, it was gathered that the soldiers, stormed the place with convoy of three heavily armoured tanks and upto (8) eight Hilux vans sometime on Sunday and arrested 76 persons whose offences where not known to them.

According to The Nation, (one of Nigerians top news reporting paper) the soldiers shot bullets sporadically, sending residents and workers running for their life to safety. The now dead victim, Ismaila, who was packing blocks in the village, abandoned them on hearing the gunshots.

About 65 of those arrested were moved to the Maroko Police Division and finally transferred them to the Lagos State Taskforce on Environment. Some were released at the army barrack after they must have been subjected to hard labour and made to sleep in the open wild field.

According to a food vendor who witnessed the turnout, Rosaline Adedipe said the soldiers shot Ismaila, because he refused to stop when the soldiers ordered him to do so .

“They shot him on the head. He was packing blocks when the army men started coming to his direction. People were running and Sadiq ran too. They told him to stop but he refused. He ran towards the fence and it was while he was standing by the fence that one of them told the other one: “Wait! I will kill him”.
“Then, that one fired a shot on his head and Sadiq died on the spot. By that time, they had arrested four other persons. They now told the four men to carry his body into their Hilux van and they fled the area. This is the spot where it happened. See his blood still showing on the ground, despite that sand was used to cover it up.
“What the army people did was very wrong. Sadiq neither drank nor smoked. He was just doing his legitimate job and they killed him like that. Those behind it should be arrested. Let justice be done for Sadiq.”

Also narrating his experience, Abudu told The Nation that he was running like others when they saw the soldiers but suddenly fell.

“One of the army men followed me. When I fell, he jumped on my arm with his boot. I cried and he left me there. That was how I broke my arm. I am not a criminal. I do not smoke marijuana . I ran because they were just arresting people anyhow.”

Afolabi, who sustained leg injury, said he fell while escaping being victim of indiscriminate arrest, however admitted that there were some people in the vicinity who indulged in illegal drug abuse.

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The Block Village Chairman, Bola Ekundayo, Reacting to the incident, urged President Buhari and Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to probe Ismaila’s death.

“I know Sadiq very well. He’s a young man from Oyo State. He just recently finished learning tailoring. He was packing blocks at the village to save money,” he said.

“He neither drank alcohol nor smoked. He was very gentle and respectful. Most of us here are block makers. This place used to be a ghetto where they smoked marijuana but the police have flushed most of them out. So, we renamed it Block Village because we are into block business. Why did they carry his body away after killing him? Is it not because they wanted to cover up their crime? When I heard of the incident, I called the Divisional Police Officer (DCO), Maroko, on phone and told him but he did not come. We are poor people here. Everyone here is afraid because no one knows when the army will come again to cause another trouble.”

A lawyer and President of Yoruba Council of Youths, Aremo Hassan promised to get justice for Ismaila, adding that he has already began compiling evidence to formerly report the incident.

“I am at the scene. I have spoken to some of the eyewitnesses and I have also seen the spot where they shot Sadiq. I have seen his blood-stained clothe. This atrocity must not go unpunished.” he had said. In a broadcast message, Hassan wrote:

“Please I just got a distress call that men of the Nigerian Army code named ‘Crocodile Smile 2’ attached to the Epe Army Barracks, without any provocation have killed one innocent man, Mr. Sodiq Ismail, 20, from Ona Ara Local Government Area in Ibadan, Oyo State.

“The soldiers left with the deceased body in their armoured vehicles to cover up their atrocities. The incident occurred during their rampaging show of strength. Kindly alert the whole world of the evil, injustice and killings committed by them.”


Boyfriend chops girlfriend’s head because her food was tasteless




If you want to read the sad story of a frustrated man who beheaded his girlfriend because the cabbage soup she made was tasteless, stay on this page.

Boyfriend chops girlfriend's head because her food was tasteless

Boyfriend chops girlfriend’s head because her food was tasteless

The anonymous man also tried to take his own life afterwards, but it failed.

Mixed feelings – 😶.

The 43-year-old man  recently lost his job and took to drinking to hopefully suppres the pain.

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Suddenly he became angry when his 47-year-old partner cooked tasteless Shchi (cabbage) soup. He then chopped her head which lead to her death at their home in Kozlovka village, Russia.

Police officers found the body of the dead woman, with her head berated, in Russia, Smolensk region.

The woman’s lover has been detained at the couple’s home and a criminal investigation has been launched according to part 1 article 105 of the Russian criminal code – deliberate murder.

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People lived around said that the man was never that aggressive but after he recently lost his job and started drinking, he went bananas.

Boyfriend chops girlfriend's head because her food was tasteless

Boyfriend chops girlfriend’s head because her food was tasteless

There have been several cases where job loss can make one take the wrong turn in life and do something unimaginable. That’s why laid off workers need a therapist if any unusable behavior is read.

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This is the second case in less than a week in Russia where complaints about bad cooking have resulted in murder.

Linda Ikeji reports that just last week, a woman murdered her husband by stabbing him at least 35 times because he had commented on the food she served their guest.

The husband said that the food she served their guests was lacking salt.

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Local Government Chairman kneeling down after he shouted “APC” during PDP campaign rally




Francis Ayagah, Local government chairman of Gwer west local government area in Benue state kneeling down as instructed after he chanted “APC” during a PDP campaign rally.

Local Government Chairman kneeling down after he shouted "APC" during PDP campaign rally

Local Government Chairman kneeling down after he shouted “APC” during PDP campaign rally

Don’t put all the blame on Francis Ayagah. He was elected as LG Chairman under the sweeps of APC, but he defected to the umbrella of PDP after power changed hands in Benue state.

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Eunice Ortom, wife of Samuel Ortom, Benue state Governor organized a rally to campaign for the re-election of her husband as Gorvenor. Eunice Ortom hails from the local government which Francis Ayagah leads.

Francis Ayagah was called up to the podium to make a speech. Unfortunately for him, he lost track of the political party’s platform he is on.

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Report has it that he shouted “Aaaaa Peee Ceeee” twice to a crowd of PDP supporters who couldn’t hold back the disgrace.

Subsequently he was summoned by the leaders of PDP in Benue state and was seen kneeling down.

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Power Outage hit Murtala Mohammed Airport for five hours – Read what passengers did




It came as a shock as Murtala Mohammed Airport in Ikeja Lagos State went into stone age for five hours. The airport experienced power outage which forced the terminal to switch to manual for continuity.

Power Outage hit Lagos Airport for five hours - Read what passengers did

Power Outage hit Lagos Airport for five hours – Read what passengers did

The General Manager, Corporate Communications, FAAN, Henrietta Yakubu, said that the power failure was due to a “minor electrical fault”.

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Sahara Reporters reported that sources close to the terminal reveal that some of the passengers had to pull off their shirt especially the males and use hand fans.


Yakubu further stated that FAA  engineers were already working to rectify the “minor electrical fault”, assuring the public that normalcy would be restored soon.

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Yakubu added by saying that the outage did not affect normal flight operations at the airport and flight operations continued uninterrupted.

Well, the terminal crew switched to manual.

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