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Congolese gay man Paul Arduad, dies of anal cancer and Bobrisky reacts



Paul Arduad, most popular Congo Brazzaville gay man,  has been reported dead after he lost a long battle with anal cancer. The gay man is said to have contacted the disease because of his sexual orientation.

Just few minutes after Paul Arduad death, most popular Nigerian drag queen and crossdresser, Bobrisky had a restless day when Nigerians started tagging him on a post of Paul’s demise. He was dragged by Nigerians after it was reported that popular Congo Brazaville gay man, Paul Arduad reportedly died of anal cancer.

In reaction to that, Bobrisky wrote a piece on how to live as gay, he also advised that if you don’t have money to take care of yourself, you should stop being gay.
Mtcheeew see his post below

Bobrisky has said his or her own but let me put it straight to you AVOID BEING GAY.