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Chinese man aid the theft of $376,000 from his uncle’s Maserati



Chinese police have questioned three men in connection with the theft of  huge sum 2.5 million yuan, in US dollars ($376,000) (NGN 133,480,000) from a luxury car.
The prime suspect of the heist is nephew of the owner of a Maserati,the 23-year-old  that was left in a car park in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, with the money(bounty) in its boot, according to an online statement made by the Guangdong police on Friday.

Yang, the vehicle owner contacted the police on Thursday after discovering that the money had been taken, the statement said. (Looks like those with the name yang get into trouble a lot) .But the statement did not say why Yang had such a large amount of cash in his possession.

After studying the footage from a surveillance camera situated in the car park, police were able to identify two men who were seen breaking into Yang’s car in the early hours of Thursday morning and leaving with the money. They were later discovered have gotten help from the owner’s nephew,  who they claimed were acting under his instruction.

After police speech with Yang the younger and his father, all three suspects handed themselves in to the authorities later on Thursday morning and returned the cash, the statement said.

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