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Chinese flight attendant injured after falling off from an aircraft



A flight attendant suffered sever injuries after she fell from an aircraft. The China Eastern Airlines flight attendant was injured after falling out of an aircraft at Shenzhen airport, according to a report, she was just trying to shut the door.

The fight attendant sustained fractions and bruises when she fell while trying to close the aircraft door of  plane which has gone three meters above the ground, on a flight to Kunming and Tengchong in Yunnan province, Legal Daily reported.

The woman fell from three metres and was treated in hospital for bone fractures and bruise. The flight was delayed for up to two (2) hours before it too off on Monday. The lady was found on the tarmac by a group pf mechanics that helped prepare the plane for flight.

On a normal basis, two flight attendants are positioned to close the airplane door, but too bad for this lady.

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