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Brazilian robbers who spent four months digging a tunnel to rob $317 Mn from bank finally caught



A group of Brazilian robbers dug a tunnel nearly 2,000 feet deep in at attempt to empty a bank of its treasure in Sao Paulo. Unluckily for them, they were caught.

They had planned to rob millions of dollars. They toiled hard for up to four months before getting caught by the police. The 16 Brazilian robbers were arrested on Monday. The gang had planned to enter the bank’s safe at a Banco do Brasil branch, reported AFP.

The men wanted to rob one billion reais – Brazilian currency, or $317 million. In rupees, that’s 20,72,14,97,500. Then in Naira, it’s 114,278,500,000, this is very serious.
it would have been the world’s biggest heist had they succeeded in their attempt. The men began digging the tunnel from a house that was situated a couple of blocks away from the bank.