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Abraham Abiriga a Ugandan MP fined for urinating in public



Abraham Abiriga, a Ugandan Member of Parliament (MP) has been fined for constituting a public nuisance by urinating in public after pictures of the incident were widely shared on social media.

It’s funny tho, if it was in Nigeria, you will definitely go Scott free, although not in some places.

He was given a fine of 40,000 Ugandan shillings ( $10, £5, NGN3600) for the 25 September incident near the gate of the ministry of finance.

He was prosecuted under a policy which states that if any person is found guilty of “easing in the city” or committing a “public nuisance” will be fined 40,000 shillings or will be imprisoned for two months or will receive both punishments.

Nigerian politicians are over the law so they won’t get any fine. mtcheew

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