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We must never lose sight of the PRIMARY mission of the church.
The church was not set up by Jesus Christ to build hospitals and schools but to lead men and women from sin and Satan unto God. Building schools and hospitals is only a SECONDARY mission for the church. It is the government’s PRIMARY duty to build schools and hospitals.
The church therefore should not receive the blame for the failure of government.
If people want the church to build hospitals and schools and provide employment for the population, then the people should start paying their TAXES to the church and the NNPC and CUSTOMS should pay all their revenues into the account of the church.

When people talk about Pastors flying private jets all over the place, I ask, what is the percentage of Pastors flying private jets in Nigeria?
There are probably hundreds of thousands of Pastors in Nigeria. How many of them own private jets?
I don’t have the statistics, but I doubt if up to 50 Pastors in Nigeria own private jets . How can these few Pastors then become the basis of carpeting all Pastors in Nigeria.

If we are complaining that there are many criminals & fraudulent people in Nigeria in spite of the many churches, I want you to imagine how many more criminals there would have been if there were no churches. Or are we saying that the churches are the ones producing these criminals?
Criminals are a product of a failed society, failed marriages, failed parenting, failed schools, & failed governments. The church did not create the failed society. The church is only doing her best to salvage what can be salvaged in an already bad situation.
The savior should not receive the blame for the ills of society.
I myself would probably have joined the club of criminals and fraudsters and swell their rank and file if not for the church that preached the gospel to me and led me to Christ for salvation.
The church brought me up to have the fear of God and shun all evils. I have remained in the church for years now following Jesus. I believe the are many like me who can testify that were, it not for the influence of the church on their lives, they may have ended up as criminals.
Let’s stop blaming the church.

Government should instead be appreciating the role of the church in nation building.
Of course I am aware that there are bad eggs among churches and Pastors, but that does not invalidate the great role the church is playing in our national life.
We should never support or encourage those who are bad-mouthing the church.
Never seize to pay your tithe or support God’s work because of some few brainwashed people speaking against the church.
I rest my case.

Written by Odili

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